BeyonDriven 'Work 2 Lift'

Our main goal at BeyonDriven is to make fitness accessible for all!

One main thing we hear a lot, especially for students, is that someone would love to workout but they can not afford a membership. For us as gym owners, this is hard to hear because we want to help everyone! We know the benefits of fitness far surpass those physical benefits and that monetary issues shouldn’t hold anyone back.

We recently had someone contact us and ask if they could help out with some cleaning and work at the gym to cover their membership and that got us thinking… What if we were able to provide memberships to others as well in exchange for their time at the gym doing some simple tasks for us!

That led us to start the BeyonDriven ‘Work 2 Lift’ program!

With this program, we are able to provide 8 memberships to applicants who show a willingness to help and a need for financial assistance. Because we do have limited spots available, we want to make sure these positions go to persons who really need and value the opportunity they have!

For the work, each person will be assigned to a specific task that will be required to be finished each week. This could be something like vacuuming the floor, moping, taking out the garbages, or cleaning the windows.

If you are interested in applying for this program, please fill out your information below! If there are no current positions available, we will add you to our waiting list!