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Join our 8 week Nutrition and Fitness Challenge today!!

Learn healthy and sustainable fitness and nutrition habits with this awesome 8 week challenge!

Do you want to be given the blueprint for achieving your goals? This program incorporates all 3 Pillars (Exercise, Nutrition, Accountability) and has worked for hundreds of thousands of people locally and across the country. It WILL work for you. This 8 Week Challenge includes everything you need to start your fitness journey off right, or motivate you to meet your latest goal!! Is this challenge right for you?! Answer these questions to find out for yourself:

  • Do you want to feel confident in your skin again? 
  • Do you want to not only look better but also feel better?!
  • Do you have a hard time achieving goals you set on your own? 
  • Do you have a hard time knowing what to eat and how much you should be eating?!
  • Do you want to have more energy? 
  • Do you need a little extra motivation and want to help motivate others as well?!
  • Do you enjoy some healthy competition and a chance to win some awesome prizes?!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then this challenge is for you!!

For the duration of this 8 week challenge, you will get UNLIMITED class access to all of BeyonDriven’s classes! We offer 25 classes per week with classes held every day of the week including Saturday and Sunday!

Class options:

Beyond Boxing – SpinFit – CrossTraining – BURN – Striking

Dr. James Johnson of ATP Performance provides unmatched nutrition counseling for our challengers! Each challenger will receive initial nutritional counseling to establish their own weight loss framework, and can purchase additional personalized plans as needed to expedite their transformation in these 8 weeks!!

Challenge Details:

Registration Opens: Saturday, September 16th

Welcome Meeting: Saturday September 23rd

Challenge Begins Monday, September 25th

Half Way Meeting: Saturday, October 21st

Challenge Ends: Saturday, November 18th

After Challenge ‘Friends Giving’ Party: Saturday, November 18th 

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This comprehensive 8-Week Challenge will include:

  • Nutrition Coaching from Dr. James Johnson of ATP Performance
  • Unlimited BeyonDriven Classes for the duration of this 8 week challenge
  • A chance to win some awesome prizes!
  • Group accountability to keep you motivated
  • Fun weekly challenges
  • Tons of healthy recipes
  • A challenge t-shirt
  • Availability to get a completely custom meal plan from ATP
  • 2 InBody scans

Pricing: $199 for all participants

Want to save on your challenge cost?!?! 

Get $50 off your for EVERY friend you bring with you to this challenge with you!!! Bring 4 friends and get your challenge for FREE!!!


Pillar 1:

You can’t outwork a bad diet

Pillar 2:

Gain muscle, lose fat

Pillar 3:

Follow through on your exercise program


A completely personalized workout and diet regiment.