Schedule a Meeting with BeyonDriven!!

Scheduling an in person meeting with someone at BeyonDriven is easier than ever!!

  • Gym Tour!

Want to see the gym before you sign up?! We don’t blame you!!

Set up a quick 20 minute gym tour with us to see the facility and talk to someone in person about your membership options!

You can also sign up for a membership with us at this tour

  • Under 16 Eval!

If a prospective 24/7 member is under the age of 16 and would like to workout in our 24/7 facility without a parent or guardian present, they will need to complete a 1 hour evaluation with someone on our staff to assess their ability to be on their own.

You will be evlauated on general gym safety, responsibility, and maturity to determine that you are not a danger to yourself or other gym members

This evaluation has a $25 cost that will be due to set up your appointment with us

  • InBody Scan!

The InBody scanner at BeyonDriven is a great tool to anyone who takes their fitness goal seriously and wants to track their progress in the gym!

This machine will give you true statistics on your body and does not use empirical estimations like other body scanners

Sign up for your scan today to get your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, water weight, muscle imbalances, resting metabolic rate, and lots of other important information!

$20 per scan. Open to members and non-members

If you get a free scan with your membership, please contact us for your discount code!

  • General Meeting!

Set up a meeting with a member of our staff to discuss anything you may need or want from us!

We can discuss membership upgrades, how we can help you further in the gym, and any questions you may have