What is Beyond Boxing?!?!

45 minutes, 8 rounds

Boxing, strength, accessory work


During this class you will burn a ton of calories and have fun while you’re doing it!!

This isn’t your standard boxing class!! We also utilize strength and accessory work rounds to give you a better workout and keep you moving! This class is great for those who have boxed before and also for beginners!! You will be challenged to push yourself during this class so make sure to bring your best attitude and look forward to an awesome workout!!

August 25th Boxing at Creekside

What is better than boxing on the creek?!?! Join us at Farmer’s Creekside on their South Deck for an awesome 45 minute workout followed by some food and drink specials!!

Full program with class schedule coming soon!!!

We are currently in the process of creating a space where we can hold these classes every week and be able to provide classes all the time!

In the mean time, we will be holding pop up classes at the gym and also at some other fun locations around the area!!

The best way to stay up to date on our program and when we will be holding our next pop up event, is by following us on Facebook by following this link below!!

Follow us on social media for updates and for our pop up classes!

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