What is Beyond Boxing?!?!

45 minutes, 8 rounds

Boxing, strength, accessory work

During this class you will burn a ton of calories and have fun while you’re doing it!!

This isn’t your standard boxing class!! We also utilize strength and accessory work rounds to give you a better workout and keep you moving! This class is great for those who have boxed before and also for beginners!! You will be challenged to push yourself during this class so make sure to bring your best attitude and look forward to an awesome workout!!

Class Schedule

Monday– 5am

Tuesday- 9am & 7pm

Thursday-5:30am & 5pm

Friday– 9am & 5pm

Saturday– 7am

Sunday– 10am

Membership Options

Unlimited classes and 24/7– $145 pm
3x classes per week– $115 pm
2x classes per week– $95
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