Beyond Academy by BeyonDriven

What is the Beyond Academy?!

Are you or anyone you know working toward becoming a Police Officer candidate? Get the upper hand with the new BeyonDriven Fitness and Performance Beyond Academy program!!

This will be a comprehensive pre-academy program preparing the candidate in many aspects such as Physical fitness, conversation skills, application completion, resume writing and more. Upon completion, you or your candidate will be able to hand a prospective department a pre-employment package with documentation of progress through the pre-academy. We have already spoken with local departments who feel this would be very beneficial to have a candidate come to them and apply with this program completed.


2 Week Blast

Prepare for the academy with this 2 week training program

Tactical Training

Block 1 Month 1

Perfect for current officers, or Pre-Academy recruits that want to get stronger, improve their conditioning!

30 Day Blast!

Ask About Our Money Back Guarantee

Ask About Our Money Back Guarantee

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Meet our Beyond Academy Trainers

Mark Babcock

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Mark has over 15 years experience as a Police Officer in both Rochester NY PD and Greece PD. Throughout his career, he has worked both the midnight and day shifts, so he knows the importance of physical fitness to maintain proper health while performing his duties as a police officer. Over the past 15 years, Mark has reached many goals and accomplishments including the following listed below.


Police Officer

2007 to 2010 – City of Rochester

2010 to Present – Town of Greece


Defensive Tactics Instructor

NYSDCJS Certified Physical Fitness Instructor

Rural Academy Physical Fitness Instructor

Rural Academy General Topics Instructor

SWAT Team member

Breaching Team Leader

Firearms Instructor

Field Training Officer

Crime Scene Technician

Accident Reconstruction Team Member

Peer Support Team Member

School Resource Officer

Monroe County PSTF Academy Class 71 Counselor

Matt Walther


Fitness professional with over 20 years of training experience.   All-American College football player,  and College and High School football coach.  Has owned a Parisi Speed School and Founder/Owner of Beyondriven Fitness & Performance.  Through years of training and coaching teams he has blended multiple styles of training to create his own blend of strength and functional training.  Specializing in writing programs that elevate teams to a level of strength and performance that they need to find the highest level of success. 


Gym Owner

BeyonDriven Fitness & Performance

Parisi Speed School


Coaching / Training Experience

SUNY Brockport Football

Villanova University Football GA

Cal-Mum Football

LeRoy Football

LeRoy Volleyball

Cal-Mum Volleyball

Youth Strength and Performance Training

Athlete Team Training

Military Team Training


Training Disciplines


Parisi Speed School

Crossfit Level 1

Conjugate Training


Becoming a BeyonDriven Tactical Athlete

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