BeyonDriven Membership Policy and Terms of Use


Under this agreement, Beyondriven Fitness and Performance LLC shall provide the level of services and training to the MEMBER contracted herein, and prepare, reserve and acquire all equipment, space and training personnel necessary to provide to MEMBER the level of services and training for the duration contracted herein. agrees to purchase said training services for the full term of this Agreement.


I acknowledge and agree that my failure to regularly attend and/or utilize Beyondriven’s facilities or services will not, under any circumstances, relieve me of my payment obligations under this Note.


-RULES AND REGULATlONS. MEMBER AGREES TO FOLLOW FACILITY RULES AS PROMULGATED FROM TIME TO TIME. Violation of these rules may be cause for suspension or cancellation of membership by Facility, without a right to be refunded any pre-paid fees and without relieving member of any payment obligations set forth in the membership Agreement, including the Note (hereafter collectively referred to as “Agreement”).

-SEVERABILITY. If any part of this contract shall be held invalid, that part shall be deemed excluded from this contract and the remainder of the contract shall remain in full force and effect.

-LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY. It is understood and agreed that Beyondriven, their agents and employees are not responsible for lost or stolen articles or any other possessions of personal property. If you are found to be stealing others property while in the BeyonDriven facility, your membership will be immediately terminated and you will be reported to the proper authorities

-DAMAGE, DESTRUCTION, OR CONDEMNATION. Should the Facility be unavailable due to damage by fire, act of God, catastrophe, war or accident, or in the event of destruction or condemnation of the premises,  Beyondriven will have a reasonable time to reconstruct the premises or find suitable replacement thereof within a close proximity of the present Facility. Full time missed for the above reasons will be extended.

-DEMEANOR. While on Facility premises, everyone shall refrain from using loud, or slanderous language or harassing, molesting, badgering, or soliciting other individuals. In no event shall the members behavior, demeanor, hygiene, or attitude be in any way offensive, threatening, intimidating, unsanitary or in any manner contrary to the best interest of the membership as a whole.


All monthly and weekly memberships that are paid by automatic electronic payment (credit card, debit card, or automatic bank account draft) will automatically renew based on the billing terms set forward by the membership at the time of enrollment. All contract memberships will continue to bill until canceled after the minimum contract time is reached at the contract price. At the end of your contract time, another contract is not required to be signed to continue your current membership, it will stay the same. (example: a 12 month 24/7 membership will continue to bill at the $35 monthly price after the first 12 months has occurred) 

Cash memberships do not auto renew. If you wish to pay cash for your membership, a minimum of 3 months in cash is required. You do not get a discount for paying in cash unless you are paying for a year membership in full. At the end of your cash membership, you will need to pay cash again or pay via card for your membership so you do not lapse in payment. You are responsible for paying for any months after your cash membership is up if you continue to use the facility after your membership is up and you fail to pay for more months. Please reach out to us at for cash memberships. 

It is the members responsibility to monitor membership expiration and renewal dates.


No-contract memberships can be canceled at any time; all cancellation requests must be submitted via our online Cancel or Freeze your Membership Request Form and received at least 1-2 days prior to your credit/debit card processing date. Any cancellations requests submitted within 2 days, are not guaranteed to take place before the next billing date. No refunds will be given for a membership that charges within the 2 days of membership cancellation. Verbal or email cancellations will not be accepted. CANCELLATION REQUEST WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED ON THE ONLINE REQUEST FORM.  

To cancel a contract membership with no cancellation fees, you either need proof of moving over 20 miles from our facility or a doctor’s note that you are unable to exercise for medical reasons. If you need to cancel a contract membership for a reason that doesn’t fall under these 2 categories, there will be a cancellation fee that is the amount difference you would have paid if you would have signed up for a no contract membership from the start. (example: if you want to cancel your contract membership after 6 months, you would paid the $5 monthly difference x6 =$30 cancelation fee ) . Please reach out to us directly a to cancel a contract membership and pay your cancellation fee. 

Once you have submitted a cancellation request, your membership will be valid until the last date in your current billing cycle. 



All members are welcome to upgrade any contract or no contract memberships at any time without penalty. Memberships can be upgraded at the start of the next billing cycle. However if a member wishes to upgrade immediately their new membership plan will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in their current billing cycle at their new rate. At the start of the next monthly billing cycle they will be charged at their full membership rate. Any contract upgrades will still have the same term length as the original contract. 

If a non contract member wishes to downgrade their membership to a lower membership,they must wait until their next monthly bill date for the new plan to be effective. Contract memberships can not be downgraded without management approval. Please note, changes cannot be made retroactively.

Please contact us at to upgrade or downgrade your membership. 


Members may put their membership on freeze for up to ninety (90) days per calendar year. Notice of freeze must be submitted online via our  Cancel or Freeze your Membership Request Form at least 2 days prior to the first day of the requested hold and will not be issued retroactively. All payments drawn prior to the requested hold will not be refunded. Members will not be billed for frozen periods, and billing will resume automatically at the end of the freeze period. All prepaid clients will have memberships extended by the amount of frozen time. If you are under contract for your membership, your contract will extend by the amount of frozen time. 


If you choose to cancel your membership at any time and return at a later date you will be subject to any rate increases at the time of re-enrollment. If your membership lapses due to a decline in your membership payment, you may be subject to a rate increase at the time of reactivation based on current rates. 


BeyonDriven will not provide refunds retroactively for any cancellation requests. Refunds will only be issued if there is a billing error on our part. 

BeyonDriven does not issue refunds if you do not use your membership, nor will any partial refunds be issued for missed attendance. (example: if you pay for a 3 classes per week membership and only attend 2 in a week, there is no billing difference for that 1 class. Or if you do not use the facility for 3 months, you do not get refunded for those 3 months) 


BeyonDriven offers discounts for students, law enforcement, and military personnel. Valid ID is required to have these discounted memberships. 

We also offer family discounts. Members on a family discount plan must all reside in the same household. Family discounts will take the most expensive memberships on the plan as family member 1 and move down the discounts based on the cost of the membership. (example: If a child has an athlete membership at $84 per month and the parent has a 24/7 membership at $40 per month, the child would be ‘family member 1’ and the parent would be ‘family member 2’ with the discount). If one member of the family cancels or ends their membership, the discount would be adjusted accordingly for the other family members on the plan. 


BeyonDriven reserves the right to immediately terminate any membership for any reason we see fit such as: inappropriate behavior, disrespect of other members or the BeyonDriven facility, sneaking non-members into the facility, non-payment, etc. We will refund you for an unused position of your membership at our discretion. If you have had your membership revoked in the past, you must get management approval prior to starting a new membership with us.